InDesign Indexes

Adobe InDesign software includes an embedded indexing feature that generates hyperlinked index entries in multiple digital formats (PDF, EPUB, and HTML). 

In embedded indexing, markers (or tags) are inserted into the electronic text and are used to generate page numbers for the index in a print book and hyperlinked page numbers in digital formats. Previous versions of InDesign included the embedded indexing feature, but indexes were not linked in EPUBs or HTML. Now they are, and they work beautifully.

InDesign CC offers these advantages:

  • Multiple formats (print, PDF, EPUB, HTML) with linked indexes using a single set of tagged files.
  • Later editions may be updated by indexing only the new and revised content.
  • On-demand versions, such as coursepacks, may be generated without reindexing the content.
  • Legacy books in previous InDesign versions may be converted to CC in order to use the linked index feature.

In June 2014 I gave a short presentation at the Annual Conference of the Indexing Society of Canada. The talk focused on encouraging indexers to learn more about InDesign indexing. Here is a PDF of the handout for indexers, which includes links to additional information.

If you are interested in using index tags in your InDesign files, contact me to discuss the work process and cost.


InDesign Indexes

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P.S. Knight Co. Ltd. 2015. Electrical Code Simplified – Book 1 – Residential. (InDesign index updated)

P.S. Knight Co. Ltd. 2015. Electrical Code Simplified – Book 2 – Commercial and Industrial Wiring. (InDesign index updated)

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Ontario. 2014. Journey to Healing: Aboriginal People with Addiction and Mental Health Issues. What Health, Social Service and Justice Workers Need to Know. Edited by Peter Menzies and Lynn F. Lavallee.